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Why choose the Mudgar or Gada/Mace

Why go back to an ancient equipment?


The Mudgar

The most striking feature of this equipment is the design & the design has a lot of science behind it. The Mudgar is designed to have a very unique weight distribution. Unlike most other weight training equipment, the club has all the weight stacked on one side & the weight is always going away from you. 

This changes the center of gravity and that makes you move & move functionally. 

Functional Strength

Everyday life throws various physical challenges at us & these obstacles don't come in choregraphed weights and linear motions. Your body will be challenged to move in all directions and the weight will hardly ever be well distributed. 

Mudgar & Sumtola by design will make you move, lift, grab ... all at the same time. Functional fitness at its finest. 


These equipment are ancient but never have they been more relevant for the human body as we all our sacrificing functional fitness for want of a new age lifestyle.

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